Animtalk – Animal Translator for Android!

animaltalk_1Tired of your animal does not understand what you say? Would you like to say something to your cat od dog?
First version of Animtalk – Animal Translator is finally out! Main use of application is translate your voice to animal speech! – first version features dog and cat speech.
App has minimalistic and user-friendly interface, no one would has problems with usage of it.animtalk_2


At the moment, app features following functions:
– translate human voice to dog speech
– translate human voice to cat speech


Usage is pretty simple – just choose which animal would like to talk with (dog or cat) and tap confirmation button. Next step is recording your voice by pressing record button. After successfully recording, release record button and wait for translated message!


We know that there are many similar applications, but that one is really worth the attention.

Animtalk lets record message by maximum length of 5 seconds.
We believe it is enough to record your message :)

If your pet displays signs of distress or aggression, discontinue use immediately. No animals were injured during the development of this animal translator.

Animtalk: Animal Translator
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